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Compensations paid to Lisbon Gentlemen's Choice Escorts are for the escorts time. No sexual activity of any sort is being contracted for, nor are Lisbon Gentlemen's Choice Escorts or any of our escorts offering to contract for any sexual activity whatsoever. None of our escorts will perform or provide and sexual act or service, or accept any sexual act or service, in exchange for or in expectation of money, gifts or any item or service of value, or participate in any exchange whatsoever in which any person offers or provides sexual acts or services. No information contained on this website or in any other advertising or marketing material provided by Lisbon Gentlemen's Choice Escorts, nor any communication between any customer and any staff member, agency or contractor of Lisbon Gentlemen's Choice Escorts should be construed as an offer to perform or provide sexual acts or services. The provision of sexual services in exchange for anything of value is illegal in the State of Washington, and Lisbon Gentlemen's Choice Escorts conducts all of its business in the compliance with the laws of said state.

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